Educational work

Department of Orthopedic Dentistry is the 4 th course curator. There are 16 groups in the course and all mentors are divided into groups.

Celebration of Language Day of KazNMU named after SDAsfendiyarov

September 22, 2017 Professor of the Department of orthopedic stomatology Kulmanbetov Isatai Azimovich, Ass. Safarov TS, Assoc. Kulmanbetov. RI, the head of the department Altynbekov KD, the associate professor of the Kazakh language department Zaysanbaev Toleubek together with the students held a festive event on the language. The speakers noted that the trilogy within the framework of the Spiritual Renaissance proposed by the President is very important to Kazakhstanis.

04.10.17 The department of orthopedic dentistry in the whole world was presented at the 5th Workshop “Spiritual Renaissance: Orientation for the Future”. The exemplary phrase was given to the Soviet rector of KazNMU. Associate Professor Mustafina JG, at the meeting with the students of the political council of the Almalinsky district party “Nur Otan”, the director of the Kazakh State Academic Orchestra of National Instruments, Kurmangazy Daureshov Nurgisa Maratovich and the head of the Molodezhnaya jilst “Zhas Otan” Almaty Akhmetov Madi akimat. В качестве модератора были председатель начальную партии «Нур Отан» КазНМУ Кульмамбетов И.А. and deputy dean on social and social work at the school of dentistry Jeksembieva AD

7.10.17 at the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry a meeting of veterans of the chair Kan AS, Kurochkin NA, Padaf Yu.N., with students and teachers of the department took place.

On 04.11.2017 the Department of orthopedic stomatology held an event dedicated to the outstanding academician of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kanysh Satpaev “Spiritual Modernization

November 30, 2017, at the Department of orthopedic stomatology, a conference dedicated to the Day of the First President was held. Presentation of the presentation “The country is loved and loved by the President” is a 5th year student Tokberdiyeva A. prepared. A presentation of the 5th year student Aitzayeva M, 5th year student in English Izzanova A. She prepared a video clip called “Leader Leader !!!”

At the end of the event professor of the department Kulmanbetov I.А.