Educational work

The teaching staff of the department “Surgical Dentistry” oversees the educational and scientific work of 2nd year students of the School of Dentistry. Every year, the department’s employees hold various events at the faculty and university levels: charity events, competitions and concert programs dedicated to national holidays, in which students actively participate.

Within the framework of the SANALY URPAQ program, a conference was held on 10/25/19: “Corruption in medicine. Youth of the Republic of Kazakhstan against corruption” with 5th and 4th year students (group ST-009-01) of the School of Dentistry.

Students put forward the slogan – “Start with yourself in the fight against corruption!”

25.11.2019 at the Department of Surgical Dentistry, a conference was held on the work of Abay Kunanbayev “Абай мұрасы – халық ұлағаты” with 4 year students (16-001, 16-002, 16-008 groups) and 5 courses (15011 group) of the School of Dentistry.

Report to – Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, December 14, 2019