Clinical work

Well-known specialists in the field of pediatric dentistry have been working in the Department since its Foundation. So the well-known highly qualified maxillofacial surgeon, Professor ESIM A. Zh. in 2003 participated in the operation of a child with extensive teratoma in Naples (Italy). Professor Supiev T. K. often went to regional centers to provide surgical care to children with congenital facial defects. Professor Mamekov A.D. is the only Professor in the country in the field of orthodontics; he still advises patients with complex anomalies and deformities of the dental system. Professor Yermukhanova G. T. often goes to regional centers of the country with a course of lectures and seminars for dentists, in parallel consulting children and adolescents with dental diseases.
Close ties have been established with basic medical institutions, among which the main ones are the city children’s dental clinic (the head doctor – TB Ruzuddinov), the city clinical hospital No. 5 (the head doctor – doctor of medical sciences B. Sadykov) and a number of dental clinics, offices in Almaty. Employees of the department are constantly involved and make messages at medical conferences.

One of the joint medical meetings with the base clinic – DSP Almaty

Currently, dental care for children is provided by the following specialists with higher medical education: General dentist, pediatric dentist, orthodontist, and dental hygienists with secondary medical education.
Dental disease prevention is the foundation of dental science and practice. In the Republic of Kazakhstan, for the first time, the prevention of dental diseases has been introduced since 1985, and the first “Program for the prevention of dental diseases in children” was compiled in 1989 by G.M. Negametzyanov with the participation of employees of our department, which was designed until 2000, then extended until 2005. The implementation of this program in the next 3-5 years has yielded positive results. One of the ways to implement the development strategy of dentistry is to create a state system of prevention and its resource support, and the lack of a national program for the prevention of dental diseases was the lack of economic justification. Many theoretical issues and regional features of the prevention of dental diseases were developed by A.A. Kabulbekov, A.Zh. Esim, K.Z. Shalabaeva and others.
Department of Pediatric Dentistry from the day of foundation until the end of 2014. worked on the basis of the Children’s Dental Clinic of Almaty, which for many years was headed by Ph.D. Negametzyanov G.M. The department fruitfully carried out clinical work with students, employees conducted research work, collecting material from dissertations. The management of the clinic close cooperation with the faculty of the department was carried out through the deputy chief doctor Siyrbay S.D.

Employees in the consultation process solve the problems of the clinic

Employees of the department annually actively participate in the implementation of the state order to provide assistance to children

Employees of the Department are always ready to help children and teenagers

The faculty includes experienced dentists, 2019.

Famous dentists orthodontists in the department

A group of dentists-therapists are always on guard of children’s health