Scientific- research work

Since its Foundation, the Department has been conducting intensive scientific work. So, from 1980 to 1985, was performed a fragment of the scientific theme “the Influence of qualitatively different nutrition on major dental diseases”. During 1986-90, scientific research was conducted on the topic “Combined effects of environmental factors on the body”, and since 1991-fragments of the scientific topic: “Clinical and epidemiological classification in the biochemical provinces of Kazakhstan”. Since 1997 until 1999, the Department performed fragments of the Republican research “development of dental services in the Republic of Kazakhstan: the study of epidemiology, organization, prevention and treatment of dental diseases…”, since 2000, it started to perform a fragment of the research of KazNMU ” Epidemiology, pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of dental diseases in children and adolescents, taking into account the impact of the environment.
During the reporting period, the results of scientific research, the Department defended 9 doctoral (Supiev because Dzhumadildaev D. N., Yesim A. J., Kabulbekov A. A., shalabaeva K. Z., Aldasheva M. A., Nurmahanov S. B., Ermuhanova G. T., Takanezawa A. A.), 40 master’s theses, 5 master theses.
Before the opening of doctoral studies at the Department, doctoral dissertations were defended in Russia under the guidance of leading scientists of the country (Bazhanov N. N., Solovyov M. M., Vinogradova T. F., Leus P. A., maximovsky Yu. M., etc.). In the following years, dissertations at the Department are carried out under the guidance of professors Supiev T. K., Kabulbekov A. A., Esim A. Zh., Yermukhanova G.T.
Over the years, employees of the Department have published more than 600 scientific articles, published 15 monographs, 20 textbooks, and 18 methodological recommendations. More than 60 rationalization proposals were made, 7 copyright certificates and more than 25 patents were received, 14 collections of scientific papers, etc.
At the Department in different years worked as a Professor Marambaeva H. S., Aldasheva M. A., docent Chapala V. M., Negamatzyanova R. A., Kamalov S. B., S. M. Nurgalieva, Mukash T. K., candidate of medical sciences, assistants: Slamov E. S., Strazdina T. V., Galyapin A. S., A. A. Bayshulakov, Toleubekova, T. A., Akhmetzhan A. M., Izenbaev N. B., Bitekenova G. B., Kaldybaeva M. K., Bolat Atabayev, S. A., Rysbaeva, J. I., Stabaeva G. S., R. K. Kipshakbayev, K. E. Sabitova, S. Zhaparov A.; assistants – S. K. Khairullina, R. J. Karabalaeva, Seitkazieva.M., Melibaeva M. A., Taganov, V. L., K. K. Tuleuova, Alatina D. A., Sharipova, S. K., and others.
Doctoral students of the Department were candidates of medical science Taganiyazaeva A. A., Negamatzyanov N. G., Reganin M. U. Zhaparov, S. A.; graduate student Mahmoud Medhat Suleiman, Ahmed Baar deb Mohammed, Ahmed Hazem Ibrahim, Karimbaeva T., Dzhumabaev K. J. Clinical residents: Borzilov K. V., K. V. Fomenkov, R. Ruziev And etc.
The first undergraduates of the Department were, and then became a master of medicine Mamekov A. S., Abdybekova A. K. First PhD student is Aubakirova S. M. In graduate study dentists Serekov A. G. (2nd year), Erkebaeva J. W., Adilbek K. (1 year).
Currently, the Department consists of head of the Department, PhD, Professor G. T. Yermukhanova, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor T. K. Supiev, Malkov A. D.; candidates of medical sciences, associate professors Rysbaeva, J. I., Karkimbaeva G. A., Kaikenova S. E.; PhD Zharmagambetov A. G.; candidate of medical sciences, assistants Atezhanov D. O., Onaibekova N. M. master of public health Ospan O. B., masters of medicine Zarkumova A. E., Smetov G. G.; graduate of the residency in MFS, including: Gaisina D. K., assistants Kamieva Z. R., Korobkina T. V., Ibragimova K. H., Korol L. U., Durumbetova M., Asanova D. B., Karaskova D. S.; laboratory assistants samieva A. A., Akhat Zh. B

The teaching staff of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry, 2019: 1st row, from left to right – Associate Professor Kaykenova S.E., Assistant Kamieva Z.R., Prof. Mamekov A.D., Prof. Yermukhanova G.T. ., Prof. Supiev T.K., Associate Professor Rysbaeva J.I., Assistant Korol L.U .; 2nd row, from left to right – Assistant Smetov G.G., Ass. Assanova D.B., lab.Akhat J., Ass.Gaisina D.K., head teacher Karaskova D.S., Ass.Ibragimova K. Kh., Ass.Onaibekova N.M., Ass.Korobkina T.V., Ass.Zharmagambetova., Lab.Samieva A.A., undergraduates Serekov A.G., Yerkibaeva J.U., Ass.Durumbetova M. M.

Scientists of the Department of pediatric dentistry, 2019