History of the department

The Department of Surgical Dentistry was organized on the basis of the order of the Ministry of Health of the Kazakh SSR №203 of 05.07.1962. The first head of the department was c.m.s., associate professor E.F. Chernov. A graduate of the medical faculty of the ASMI, who went through the Great Patriotic War as a senior doctor of the regiment and graduated from clinical residency at the department of hospital surgery. He was the first dean of the faculty of dentistry at the ASMI, the head of the department of dentistry, the first to defend a doctoral dissertation in dentistry in Kazakhstan, the first professor of dentistry, the first chairman of the Republican Scientific-Medical Society of Dentists, the first chief dentist of the Ministry of Health.

In 1974-1980, the department was headed by c.m.s., associate professor Maria Pavlovna Oskolkova. Experienced clinician, remarkable surgeon M.P. Oskolkova made a great contribution to the training of maxillofacial surgeons of the Republic, to the improvement of the scientific and medical society of dentists, she was a member of the Board of the Union Scientific Society of Dentists.

From 1980 to 2011 The head of the department was a doctor of medical sciences, professor Zhaksylyk Bekbatyrovich Urazalin. From 1989 to 2001, professor Zh.B. Urazalin worked as vice-rector of clinical, and then academic work in AGMI named after S.D. Asfendiyarov. He was the permanent chairman of the specialized Council of the defense of doctoral and master’s theses in the specialty – Dentistry 14.00.21. from the moment of formation (from 1991) until December 2007. Under his leadership, 4 doctors and 15 candidates of medical sciences defended themselves. He is the owner of the “Golden scalpel of KazNMU”, Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on December 7, 2010 awarded the government award – the medal ” Ерен еңбегі үшін”.

In January 1992, the Department of Surgical Dentistry was divided into two departments: Hospital Surgical Dentistry and Propaedeutics of Surgical Dentistry, they were headed respectively by professor Urazalin Zh.B. and professor Tuleuov K.T. In 1997, the departments were again united into one – the Department of Surgical Dentistry, which was led professor Urazalin Zh.B.

Since February 2015, the head of the department is d.m.s., Mirzakulova U.R. Today, the department is a close-knit friendly team with great creative and clinical potential, which continues the glorious traditions of the previous generation and contributes to the development of dentistry in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Currently, 5 doctors of medical sciences and 6 candidates of medical sciences are successfully working at the department. Doctors of medical sciences, professors: U.R. Mirzakulova, Zh.B. Urazalin, K.T. Tuleuov, V.P. Rusanov, G.B. Adilbaev, associate professors, candidates of medical sciences G.S. Stabaeva, A.T. Kosmagambetova, B.A. Amantaev, A.B. Seitkulov, M.Sh. Iskakov; assistants: K.S. Bimenov, K.K. Talimov, K.R. Kuryshanova, N.B. Madraimov, D.D. Menzhanova, Yu.A. Menchisheva and others.