The staff of the department

The Head of Prosthodontics Chair: MD, Altynbekov Kobeisin Dyusenbayevich

In 1974-1979 years graduate of Almaty Governmental medical institute, Dentistry faculty as a Dentist specialist.

1979-1984 years worked as dental surgeon, prosthodontist, endodontist and orthodontist at Dzheskazgan regional policlinic.

1985-1989 years assistant of prosthodontics chair of KGMI.

1992-1997years, assistant of prosthodontics chair, head of RNCC “Stomatologiya”

1984y., Moscow COLIUV named after Semashko, prof. Horoshilkina specialization.

Aspirantura at KazGMU named after Asfendiyarov from 1989 to 1992 year, at hospital prosthodontics, MD in1993.

1997-200years- PhD at Istambul University at Oral Implantology chair. (Head of the Department Prof. Tayfun Ozdemir..), Prosthetic Dentistry (Head of the Department Prof. Nejat Tunzher.).

2000year- Head of Dentistry department at Medical center of President apparatus members.

2001-2003years- Head of the Prosthodontics №1, leader of The Scintefic Center of Prosthodontics.

2004year- head of Manufacturing dentures and dental material course.

Scientific works are more then 120, study book in kazakh language-1,study tool-book-8, monography-1. Developer of the Dentistry study method GOSO (2003,2006)

Author of model curricula “Tіs protezderіn dayyndau tehnologiyasy” – (2004) The technology of manufacturing dentures – (2004), “Tіs protezderіn dayyndau tehnologiyasy” – (2007) The technology of dentures – (2007).

He is co-author of four books on educational entities of KazNMU named after S.D. Asfendiyarov.

Каркабаева К. О.

Кульманбетов И.А.

Кульманбетов Р.И

Мейрамгалиев С.У

Нысанова Б. Ж.

Рузденова А.С

Рузуддинов С.Р.

Сайпудинқызы А

Сафаров Т.С.

Султанова Э. И.

Таупык Н

Тебенова Г. М.

Шаяхметова М.К

Алтынбеков К.Д.

Аскарова Ш. Н.

Астахова И.А

Баимбетова И.С.

Камиева Н.А